Heska AG

  • A subsidiary of Heska Corp. (Loveland, US)
  • Operating in the veterinary allergy market since 1985
  • A pioneer in the specific IgE measurement in companion animals
    • Dogs
    • Cats
    • Horses
  • Using a superior and exclusive technology for IgE detection
  • Providing veterinary laboratories with:
    • IgE testing systems
    • Veterinary allergy diagnostic laboratory service
    • Patient named, on prescription immunotherapy treatments

Heska AG

Through innovation and strategic partnerships with leading veterinary laboratories worldwide, Heska AG provides the benefits of latest generation technologies for allergy detection and specific treatments to healthcare providers and pet owners.

Based on the Fc-epsilon receptor technology (ALLERCEPT), Heska AG adapts the composition of the allergen panels to satisfy all market needs.

Our Products and Services

Heska ALLERCEPT – Allergy and Receptor are at the origin of the ALLERCEPT brand name. ALLERCEPT is the generic name for all specific IgE testing systems.

Heska Immucept – Immunology and Receptor is at the origin of the Immucept brand name. Immucept is used for all allergen specific immunotherapy treatments.

Heska VDL – Accounts for Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Based in Switzerland, Heska AG VDL provides sourced allergy testing to veterinary laboratories.

Heska CHO test – An Fc-epsilon receptor based test to determine the presence of IgE anti-CCD.

(CCD = cross-reactive carbohydrate determinants).

Heska FRT (Food Reaction Test)– A test to assess adverse food reactions in dogs and cats.

Heska Feline Hydrogel system – Feline IgE require special testing conditions for accurate and reproducible measurements. The Hydrogel system allows detecting minute amount of Feline allergen specific IgE in the ALLERCEPT test.

Heska Canine Total IgE – A quantitative test based on the Fc-epsilon receptor technology to measure total IgE in canine serum.

Our science

Heska introduced a major development in the veterinary allergy testing in 1997; the Fc-epsilon
receptor technology. This technology remains still today unsurpassed. As a result, numerous clinicians, patients and pet owners benefit from this leading technology.

We are continuously improving this technology to increase the accuracy and precision of allergen specific IgE detection. We also support clinicians and investigators providing support in their research studies.

Our quality

Heska AG is an ISO 9000 certified company since 1997. Our testing partners take part in the Heska External Quality Control program which ensures precision and reproducibility of the Heska’s ALLERCEPT, CHO and FRT testing systems. Our technical group provides our partners with technical support and customer service.

Our partners

Heska AG has operated in the veterinary allergy market for more than 30 years. We have built a strong reputation among reference veterinary testing laboratories, dermatologists, clinicians, opinion leaders and investigators.

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Dr. M. Baranger-EteAsia Veterinary Diagnostics, Hong Kong
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Asia Veterinary Diagnostics/ HKVDC has been HESKA partner laboratory since 2016 and we are thrilled to have developed together “ South East Asia “specific “Allergen Panels in order to set up a relevant service and offer to all the Asian veterinarians and pet owners. Why HESKA? For their technology and innovation. At AVD, we only go for a gold-standard/ state-of-the-art, scientific -based technology to guarantee our clients with tests results they can trust The professionalism of the HESKA Team when it came to training our technical laboratory teams locally and the on-going support provided since then for QA/QC are outstanding and we are proud to be HESKA partner in the region.
Dr. Kristian PedersenVet-Allergy. Denmark
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Vet-Allergy has been working with Heska and ALLERCEPT testing since 2006 as a Heska partner Laboratory. I’m glad I decided to work with Heska. It has from the very first beginning been a pleasant and enriching experience working with you. Precision, innovation and development have been key words in the testing. The Heska staff have been very helpful over the years in satisfying our requests. Keep doing the same good job.
Dr. Ana OliveiraDermanimal, Portugal
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As a veterinary dermatologist, my experience is that Heska makes available innovative testing. Heska has a cutting edge technology which provides accurate results. The customer service is five stars with timely and very motivated staff.
Dr. R. WagnerLaboklin GmbH, Germany
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ALLERCEPT, the one. The best technology on the market. Heska is leading innovation in IgE detection.
Dr. R. Ristow and Mr. A. PerezTecsa, Brazil
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TECSA Laboratorios has been a Heska partner since 2011 . During this 10-year partnership, we had the opportunity to introduce in the South American market Heska's advanced testing technology for the area of allergy in companion animals. The most important veterinary dermatologists in Brazil praise the accuracy and safety of Heska tests and immunotherapy treatment products.